Four Ways to Design a Gallery Wall in Your Home

June 02, 2016

Four Ways to Design a Gallery Wall in Your Home

A blank wall can be treated as a blank canvas and serve as a great place to display your favourite pieces of art. A wall collage is a way to display art or photographs that hold a special meaning to you and make the wall pop at the same time. 

Here are four types of gallery wall layouts that are popular with collectors and gallerists alike. 

1. Through the middle

This is a classic hanging technique, art pieces are placed on a wall horizontally or vertically and aligned along an imaginary line through their centres. The optimal height for this is 160cm – eye level. It's always good to use images with a similar style, common colour or artistic theme.

2. In a block 

Pairing small pieces with a larger one can make one big impression. Hung in a block, the images are arranged to come together into one large, cohesive whole. They are kept within the invisible boundaries of a clearly defined outer shape, such as a square or rectangle.


3. On a cross

Where many galley wall layouts are fairly strict, a cross layout can provide a bit more freedom but still maintain geometric integrity. The pictures in the cross layout are arranged according to the lines of a cross, but can be spread out.

4. In a line

Or more accurately: along a straight line. In this layout, all of the pictures are aligned along a horizontal line. The ones on top are aligned along the lower edge of their frames, the ones on the bottom along the top of their frames. For best results, keep the distance between the pictures equal.

 These layouts and examples are recommended and designed by LUMAS Galleries