In My Bamboo Bowl: Vietnamese Recipe Edition

June 15, 2016

In My Bamboo Bowl: Vietnamese Recipe Edition

For the first edition of 'In My Bamboo Bowl' we are venturing to the beautiful country of Vietnam. 

guido da rozze, flickr

guido da rozze, flickr

Vietnamese food is one of the most varied and distinctive cuisines. The key ingredients used in Vietnamese cooking are fish sauce, cane sugar, the juice of kalamansi citrus fruit or tamarind and chilli peppers. The unique combination of flavours will definitely shake up your taste-buds and it's also one of the healthiest cuisines around. 

Here are four Vietnamese recipes that not only taste delicious, but they're fun and easy to make and look gorgeous in our Bamboo Bowl Set

Prawn Bun Cha

Bun cha is a Vietnamese dish of grilled pork with vermicelli, heaps of fresh vegetables and herbs, and an exquisite dipping sauce. The contrast of crunchy salad, yielding noodles and bursts of flavour from the herbs and meat is completely captivating. In this recipe, Thomasia Miers recreates it by using prawn patties instead of pork.

To view the complete recipe, please click here

Dad's Pho Bo

Vietnam's favourite national dish is pho (pronounced “fur”), a noodle soup eaten at any time of day but primarily at breakfast. Becca and Julie, the sisters behind, have shared their dad's infamous pho bo (Vietnamse beef noodle soup) recipe, a dish that is served from street food carts all over Vietnam.

The word pho is thought to originate from the French dish, pot-au-feu, which also features a broth made from simmering beef bones and beef cuts, with plenty of herbs and aromatics. 

As Becca wrote, "It’s not until you sit down and learn how to make pho from scratch that you finally understand the whole story of pho. How the smoky sweetness comes from charred onion, the rich mouthfeel of the broth from bones full of marrow and collagen, the clear golden broth color from hours at a bare simmer, and the soft-yet-chewy noodles from flash-boiled, fresh rice noodles."

 To view the recipe, please click here.

Vietnamese Meatball and Rice Noodle Bowl

This delicious recipe comes from Emily Stoffel at Honest Cooking. A bowl packed with vibrant herbs and Vietnamese dipping sauce, nuoc cham, these meatballs are filling and served over refreshing rice noodles in less than thirty minutes. This is a real winner. 

 To view the complete recipe, please click here

Vietnamese Spicy Prawn Salad

Vietnamese salad, also known as Gỏi, is always crunchy, salty and zesty. 

The team at chowhound have created a Gỏi recipe that's proves something light and refreshing doesn’t have to be wimpy on the flavor front. To make this classic Vietnamese salad, you marinate shrimp with lemongrass, Sriracha, fish sauce, garlic, and brown sugar, then cook in a grill pan. Serve them on a bed of rice vermicelli, with lettuce leaves, shredded carrot, bean sprouts, cucumber, aromatic herbs, and sprinkling of chopped peanuts.

 To view the complete recipe, please click here.

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