Gift Ideas For the People Who Are Impossible to Shop For

December 01, 2017

Gift Ideas For the People Who Are Impossible to Shop For

There are those people in your life that you love to get gifts for and you can always find something you know they'll love. And then there are the people for whom finding a gift feels like pulling teeth.

You know exactly what we're talking about. The couples’ gifts. The group gifts. That one family member that seems impossible to please and refuses to provide a gift list. Your new boss. Your sister's boyfriend. The list goes on.

Designer in a box strives to bring you gift boxes filled with unique and extraordinary items. Each object is designed to inject beauty and style into the home, one room at a time. So no matter who that impossible person to shop for is, we have a great gift they will love. 

Celebration Box

 A combination of clever design and functionality that features:

  • A stylish and clever sink drainer with two different functions:  it has a silicone plug that allows you to fill the drainer with water to use it to wash in or use it to drain your dishes in. Features a moveable drainer spout so it can be placed anywhere around the sink to drain. (White) Size: 
  • Two cupboard door hooks, ever looking for somewhere to hang the tea towels, pot holder or plastic rubbish bags? These hooks are padded inside so as not to damage your doors, when your not using them they short neatly in a drawer. (White)
  • Black Silicone pot stand means you will always have somewhere to put down a hot pot and stylish enough to go straight onto the table. Size:
  • Red Silicone funnel compact enough to store flat in a drawer until you need it, or hang it so it is always on hand. (Red)
  • A multi purpose bottle opener (Black)
  • Two stunning oversized 100% cotton tea towels
  • A stunning gift box.

Soap Dish with Soaprocks®

Like a gem stone, these soaps maintain their colour all the way through. The subtle fragrance stimulates the senses without being overpowering. A winning gift idea in anyone's book. Presented in our stunning gift box. 

Soaprocks are a hybrid vegetable glycerin soap infused with added extracts of earth, they are very mild and extra long-lasting. They gently cleanse, each soap will weather exposing the beauty locked away within.  No animal products, tested on human beings.



Tea Towel Kitchen Box

This fabulous kitchen gift box is an ideal gift for a kitchen tea, someone moving into a new home or just for you. Our kitchen box features two Australian designed, 100% cotton, oversized tea towels, along with a set of our amazing Wash/Wipe cloths. These cloths absorb 15 times their weight in water and are able to be reused. Just pop them in the dishwasher or washing machine and they are ready to go again and again. It couldn't be more simple, now you really can wash and wipe in style!


Decadence Jewellery/Storage Box

Art meets functionality! This bold, eye-catching Jewellery/Storage box fits perfectly into any room in the house. Custom made and designed exclusively by us.  Use it for jewellery / watches / makeup / bathroom storage /TV remotes, the skies the limit! See the rest of the range, its stunning!




Bathrobe (Evolved Collection)

Designed and manufactured just for us! This unisex robe is so good you won't want to take it off! Thick and soft, yet able to be worn all year round!  Thinking of buying for that 'someone special'? Then take a look at the packaging! These robes are presented in a stunning black gift box with ribbon tie. Featuring a raised towelling design woven through a 100% cotton base. The hood, two front pockets and tie belt perfectly complete the designer look.



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