In My Bamboo Bowl: Breakfast Edition

July 18, 2016

In My Bamboo Bowl: Breakfast Edition

For the first edition of 'In My Bamboo Bowl' we ventured to the beautiful country of Vietnam. For the second edition, we are staying at home and sharing some amazing breakfast bowl options to energize your mornings and start your day out right with something delicious and nutritious! 

Here are four breakfast bowl recipes that not only taste delicious, but they're healthy and easy to make, plus, they look gorgeous in our Bamboo Bowl Set

Savory Breakfast Quinoa Bowl

If you are tired of oatmeal, try swapping it out for some protein packed quinoa. It pairs beautifully with hard-boiled or poached eggs and avocado. It's highly nutritious, will feel you up and leave you energized for the day. The bonus? It only takes 5 minutes to make!  

To view the complete recipe, please click here

Healthy Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are exactly what they sound like, but better. The combination of flavours and textures will spruce up your mornings and add a little more colour to your day. They are very easy to make and you can experiment until you find a combination you love. And why stick to breakfast? Smoothie bowls are a healthy substitute for that post-dinner ice cream... or shall we call it "nice cream"?

 To view the recipe, please click here.

Addicting Acai Bowl

Acai is a delicious way to start your day with clean energy and it's super easy to make. Açaí is an amazing source of antioxidants, fiber, heart healthy-fats, and minerals - it’s also low on sugar. The best part is that you can make it completely your own – depending on what you like. This one is a real winner from Source for Strong

 To view the complete recipe, please click here

Vanilla-Almond Chia Breakfast Pudding

Chia is an excellent source of antioxidants, omega-3s, calcium and fiber and served as a staple energy-providing food for the ancient Mayans and Aztecs. Chia seeds absorb 10x their weight in water which makes them a great source for hydration. 

When soaked, chia seeds transform into a creamy pudding, which is delicious and perfect to pair with your favourite breakfast fruits. So this recipe from Renee Blair, is definitely one to prepare the night before. 

 To view the complete recipe, please click here.

Want your breakfast to look amazing when it's served? Check out our Bamboo Bowl Sets, which feature a natural-bamboo interior, high gloss polyurethane exterior, and they come in either Poseidon Blue or Brilliant White. These bowls are food safe and can be used for both hot and cold foods, as well as being dishwasher and microwave safe.