The Story Behind Designer in a Box

July 13, 2016

The Story Behind Designer in a Box

People often ask me ‘how did you come up with the idea for Designer in a box?

They say its ‘clever’ and ‘simple’, and I often ask myself if I was simply clever, or cleverly simple?

The idea happened to come to me while I was running my Interior Design Business ‘Wow Factor’. One morning I received a phone call from a distressed client who had separated from his wife; he didn’t have anything in his apartment and needed some help.

It was certainly easy for me to help him out, I gathered my home inventory checklist and proceeded to get all the ‘must haves’. It wasn’t until the next day that I wondered ‘how many people are out there in a similar situation’? How many people either don’t have the items they need, are too busy to shop or just don’t know what goes with what?

An epiphany! I will co-ordinate homewares boxes for those who don’t have the time. With my design expertise and knowledge, I'll be able to provide comfort and exquisite taste to those in need. 

I clearly remember at the time being told that I was completely mad for even contemplating starting another business, so it's to add ‘Mad’ to ‘Clever’ and ‘Simple’.

I never entertained the fact I wouldn’t start the business, I was determined and excited about the new venture, and shortly after the epiphany, I launched Designer in a box. Now, we not only package homewares, we also custom design and manufacture them.

With the start of the new business year looming I can honestly say we have so many exciting things on the horizon for 2016/17. New products, impressive offers and lots of ideas for you.

So keep an eye on this space, and who knows what this cleverly mad, simply determined business owner and designer is going to create next...

Wendy Green