Five Ways to Decorate With a Serving Tray

August 23, 2016

Five Ways to Decorate With a Serving Tray

While serving trays are great for serving tea or breakfast in bed, they have a lot more versatility than you might think and they can be useful and look great in every room! Here are five ways to decorate with a serving tray: 

1. Create a mini bar.

Just place your serving tray on top of a luggage rack, add your favourite glassware, liquors and don't forget to add some garnishments like flowers, lemon or olives. This pop-up mini bar will be sure to impress your party guests.  

2. Leave a tray of goodies for your guests. 

In a recent StyleCurator post, Gina used our Designer Lacquerware serving tray to lay out goodies for her guests. She loaded the tray with fresh towels, teas, magazines and soaps. If you want to get really creative, surprise your guests with our new Bath Brew Tea Bags

3. Make a side table. 

Turn an every day ottoman into a side table or coffee table by placing a serving tray on it. Use it to store your favourite book, the remote control or a cup of tea. It's a great way to add a bit of charm and create a homey feel. 

4. Declutter the Bathroom. 

Pick some of your best, luxe beauty products and assemble them in a tray on the bathroom counter. It will free up storage in the cabinets and help beautify the bathroom counter. 

5. Organise your dresser.  

Top your dresser with a serving tray and fill it with items you love. Whether it be your favourite magazine, a watch, sunglasses, jewellery, perfume, flowers, mints, etc. 
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