Product Care

Caring for your towels:

Note: Cotton is a natural fibre and new towels will shed some loose fibres during the first few washes. This is more obvious in darker colours. Fibre shedding is not a defect and will not affect the performance of your towels.

Always wash towels in a cool/warm machine wash separately before use. This is because your towels have been handled during manufacturing and have been in a store environment prior to you receiving them.
Always wash dark colours separately.
Do not wash your towels with any other clothing items.
As towels have been stored prior to dispatch, washing them will help ensure the pile regains its fluffiness.
We recommend that the washing powder/liquid be fully dissolved before adding your towels.
Uneven fading and patchy colour can occur if detergent comes into direct contact with the towels. When washing ‘coloured towels’ always use a detergent designed for colours.
Do not use a detergent that contains a ‘brightener’ as this is only suitable for white towels and can affect a coloured towel.
Limit the use of fabric conditioners on your towels, over use will leave a coating on the fibres and reduces absorbency.
Keep towels away from sharp objects as this can cause pulled threads. Pulled threads may be cut off without damaging the towel.
Do not iron towels.
Do not dry clean towels.

Coloured Towels

Bleach will remove the colour from your towels permanently, so take care to ensure they don’t come into contact with bleach/and or bathroom cleaners.

Drying Towels

Tumble dry on Cool/Medium heat to give the towels the softest finish.
Drying towels for excessive periods on high heat will cause the towels to be rough and harsh feeling. This may also cause the fabric/cotton to become brittle and shorten the life of your towels.
Leaving wet or damp towels in the washing machine for an extended period will cause them to smell and can cause staining and mildew.
For best results, shake washed towels, and place them on a washing line to dry. Again avoid excessive exposure to full sunlight as this can also cause fading and brittleness to the towels.

What to do if towels feel stiff after line drying

Try using less detergent, especially if you soften your water.
Try adding ¼ cup of white vinegar or baking soda to the wash (the smell of the vinegar will dissipate during the rinse cycle). Shake towels firmly before placing on washing line, and again once dry, prior to folding. For best results hang towels vertically on the washing line (short end over the line) this will ensure you limit wrinkles and they actually dry faster this way.
If they are still feeling a little stiff, take them off the washing line just prior to drying and finish them in the tumble dryer on a cool/medium heat for five minutes.

How to fold a towel

Fold towels in half making sure all ends line up neatly.
Fold towel in half again from left to right.
With Designer in a box logo (on Right hand bottom of towel) facing away from you fold towel in 1/3.
Tuck 1/3 towel under.
Towel is now ready for display or storage.