Kitchen Box 2 - 'The Ultimate package'

What a fabulous combination!  Every house should have one..... a combination of clever design and functionality.


  • A stylish and clever sink drainer with two different functions:  it has a silicone plug that allows you to fill the drainer with water to use it to wash in or use it to drain your dishes in. Features a moveable drainer spout so it can be placed anywhere around the sink to drain. (White) Size: 
  • Two cupboard door hooks, ever looking for somewhere to hang the tea towels, pot holder or plastic rubbish bags? These hooks are padded inside so as not to damage your doors, when your not using them they short neatly in a drawer. (White)
  • Black Silicone pot stand means you will always have somewhere to put down a hot pot and stylish enough to go straight onto the table. Size:
  • Red Silicone funnel compact enough to store flat in a drawer until you need it, or hang it so it is always on hand. (Red)
  • A multi purpose bottle opener (Black)
  • A stunning gift box


Type: Kitchen Box

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