Soaprock Individuals

These fabulous Soap are amazing.

The soap features light streams of cobalt blue and pink and green along with a subtle "ocean mist" fragrance, making you feel as if you are bathing in the ocean. These generous soaps are between 180-220 grams, approximately the size of a closed female hand. Each soap is slightly unique as it changes depending on the way it has been cut. Just like a natural stone, it maintains it's coloured banding all the way through.  The perfect gift for someone with exquisite taste, who is hard to buy for. Browse our other Soaprocks® combinations. 

Soaprocks are a hybrid vegetable glycerin soap infused with added extracts of earth, they are very mild and extra long-lasting. They gently cleanse, each soap will weather exposing the beauty locked awy within.  No animal products, tested on human beings.

Type: Soap

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