Soap Dish with Soaprocks® Combination 3

The perfect pairing, our beautiful Lucid in Pale soap dish with a gem of a soap! This irresistible combo will make any bathroom shine.

We have hand selected on your behalf the stunning Soaprocks® Marble Soap, featuring beautiful subtle bands of colour. This regal soap team perfectly with the white and crystal-clear soap dish.  Like a gem stone, these soaps maintain their colour all the way through. The subtle fragrance stimulates the senses without being overpoweringA winning gift idea in anyone's book. Presented in our stunning gift box. 

Soaprocks are a hybrid vegetable glycerin soap infused with added extracts of earth, they are very mild and extra long-lasting. They gently cleanse, each soap will weather exposing the beauty locked awy within.  No animal products, tested on human beings.

Type: Gift Box

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